Dawa-Cypress-OK Loop

Hiking Dawa Trail Sedona

View towards the end of the loop

This trailhead is a small pull off on 152C. Take Dry Creek Road until it ends at a “T” intersection. Turn left at the stop sign and look for the small trailhead sign on your left at about 0.5 miles. You can park on either side of the road. Total length of this loop is 2.5 miles, but you can extend your loop easily to include other trails that connect. Most of the trail is flat and sandy, with just a few areas near washes that are rocky. One morning I had a guest sleeping in my bedroom and woke up for an early morning hike alone. I didn’t want to disturb her by going after my hiking shoes in my closet, so I took off with only a pair of socks and some pretty non-supportive sandals. While I don’t normally recommend this type of foot wear for hiking in Sedona, I did just fine on the Dawa Trail. I hit the trail at 6:00am on a Saturday morning in early June. The temperature was actually slightly chilly in a t-shirt that time of day. Definitely worth the early rise! I saw a couple of cars parked along the road, but did not encounter anyone on the trail. Bliss! Just off the trailhead (0.1 miles), the Dawa Trail splits to the right, while the OK Trail goes left. Take the right branch to hike this trail in a counter-clockwise direction. At 0.8 miles, take a left to continue on the Dawa Trail, then in another 0.8 miles, turn left on the AZ Cypress Trail. Shortly afterwards, you’ll see the unmarked Anaconda Trail branching off to the right. Continue on the Cypress Trail 0.4 miles to connect with the OK Trail and continue back to the first leg of the Dawa trail and the Trailhead. The finale of this hike has lovely views of rock formations.