CranioSacral 3-Session Package


Get a screaming deal on a series of 3 CST sessions, to be used on 3 consecutive days, weekly, or any time sequence that works for you. Package is good for one year from date of purchase, and limited to a single individual. Other than that, customize your package for an intensive while you are visiting, or for continuing maintenance on a longer stay in Sedona.

Cost $295.00


Personal Retreat Day

Personal Rejuvenation Retreats Sedona, AZ

If you are dealing with a health condition or stress build-up, the most effective way to use your time in Sedona is a full-day personal retreat with Pamela Joy. During your retreat day, you will benefit from the best of CranioSacral, Yoga, and Meditation therapy, personalized and combined into a synergistic package just for you.

Your day will begin with a head-to-toe body awareness assessment, followed by gentle yoga and guided meditation. After a healthy lunch and easy walk in nature (custom route will be mapped for your hiking ability and desire, weather permitting), you will receive a thorough, 2-hour advanced CranioSacral therapy session that will release old restrictions and chronic pain while rejuvenating your entire nervous system. Your retreat will culminate with a reassessment of your goals and accomplishments for the day, and a closing meditation that will anchor new awarenesses for your return to your life – refreshed, focused, and fully alive!

Personal retreat days begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm, and include lunch. Nearby, recommended lodging list provided.

Cost: $375.00


Brain Health Package for Two


This full-day package for couples, friends, or family members fosters good health and good relationships through total support for healthy brain function. The morning consists of a complete course in the Simple, Easy, Every Day mediation technique, which gives both participants the tools and motivation needed for a daily meditation practice. After lunch and an Ayurvedically-prescribed after meal walk, your time will be split between sessions in Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and