Made in the Shade/Slim Shady Loop

View of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from Slim Shady Trail

View of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from Slim Shady Trail

Start this hike from the Yavapai Vista Trailhead in the Village of Oak Creek. It is possible to shorten the approach by a quarter mile by parking in the Court House Vista Parking lot, crossing SR 179 and picking up the unmarked access trail slightly to the south, but parking is easier at Yavapai Vista and you don’t have to cross the busy highway. Access to the Slim Shady trail is to your left as you enter the parking lot, using the Yavapai trail. At the junction with Slim Shady, take a left and continue .4 miles to the junction with Made in the Shade on your left. You will climb a bit through juniper and interesting rock formations, until you are directly across from Bell Rock and about halfway up with respect to that formation. Watch the ant-like procession of hikers climbing Bell Rock if it is a busy day. Meanwhile, you won’t be in any traffic jams on your side of the street. An occasional hiker or biker is all you’ll likely see. After 1.1 miles, you will meet Slim Shady again. Turn left to return north to the parking lot. A beautiful hike!

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