Ridge Trail

View from the Ridge Trail

View from the Ridge Trail

After a few hours of diligent house cleaning, I decided to take some time off on a Sunday afternoon for a hike. First, I had to take the household recycling bins to Sedona Recycles on Shelby Road. After doing my duty there, I hopped across the street to the tiny trail head for the Ridge and Old Post trails. Following signs for the Ridge trail, I traveled through several sandy washes, taking a left turn about 20 minutes in to stay on the Ridge trail. Without really noticing it, I was starting to climb up on the “ridge.” About a mile of gradual ascent brings you over the top, looking south into the magnificent valley carved by Oak Creek over millenia. Rising above the green are Courthouse Butte on the left, Bell Rock nestled in the center (notice how much smaller it looks from this vantage point than in the photo taken from the Slim Shady trail), and Cathedral Rock on the right. This trail continues downward towards Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek, but for today the ridge was my ending point. I turned around and got back to my car about 90 minutes after starting out on this adventure. Quite a view for such a short hike from the center of town!

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